You Are Only As Far Outside The Center Of Power As You Allow

This goes back to a lot of the topics I’ve written about in the past, we have the power to change, to be who we want to be, to do what we want to do, we are at the center of that power. Too often though, we forget that, acting powerless. We are not. There are things we do not have power over, but for the most part, we hold the key to our own happiness, success, and future.

In past I had played the victim, I acted as if life was something that was happening to me, and because I believed I was a bad person, I believed that I only deserved the bad in my life, so when it came, I figured I deserved it. What I had to learn is that I did deserve the good, and not only did I have to learn it, I had to believe it! That took time, and a lot of work and self-reflection, but it came. Once I took responsibility for my actions and my life I took my power back. Even taking back the bad, once I was able to see my part in all my actions, and that I had a choice, it gave me the power to move forward and take better actions, actions that were positive, actions that kept me moving forward in a direction I wanted to go, healing actions, actions I could take myself. So many times we get in that victim mode and when we do we are powerless, thinking as ourselves as victims gives us no power and gives that power to everyone else. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to give any person, place, or thing power over my life, not anymore. I only allow myself to have that power. So, if you don’t think you have the power within to make the changes you want to make, how do you find it?

1) Believe. It starts with a belief you can, or that you deserve it. That’s the spark to change. Believe you have what it takes to make it happen, or at least, have what it takes to start. Sometimes it’s just about starting and trusting the rest will fall into place as you go. Just start.

2) Visualize It. See it in your mind. What does it took like? What does it feel like? When we visualize it and put positive energy around it we send a message out to the universe that we deserve it, we want it, and we’re willing to work for it. See yourself going through the steps to get what you want, and visualize yourself achieving it.

3) Get To Work. Roll up your sleeves and get to work! No matter how much work it is, if it’s to better yourself or to better your life, do it! You are worth it. Visualization is great, but there’s always work to be done, and doing the work is a huge stepping stone to gaining more self-esteem, of feeling good about yourself because you are giving back to you. Never back down from the work, even if it feels daunting, or overwhelming, take it one step at a time, you’ll build momentum and it will become easier, and even if it gets hard again, you’ll know it will be worth it in the end.

4) Trust The Universe Has Your Back. If you’re coming from a place of self-doubt this may take time, but as we achieve small victories along the way, we start to believe that the universe has our back, or at the very least, is rooting for us. I have a dear friend who always said to me when I was struggling with this, “act as if life is rigged in your favor,” that seemed unlikely based on my history, but he didn’t say believe that it was, he said, “act” like it was, it was a start for me, so if you’re just starting to walk a brighter path and have come from the dark, act “as if” until you start to believe. I used to carry dice around and when I had doubt I’d look at those dice, and remind myself that I had the special dice, the dice that were rigged in my favor.

We are in control of what we do, how we act, react, what we pursue, and how we’ll succeed. We have the power to make those ideas, dreams, and hopes come true. Use that power for good, use it to get and go after what makes your heart shine, don’t ever give that power away, that, is at the center of who you are, of what makes you you, and is the key to where you want to go.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you feel powerless? Why? What makes you feel powerless? Write down a list of things that you feel powerless against. Looking at that list, what action can you take to have more power? What can you do to make those things better? To take back your power? Are you stopping yourself from going after what you want? What stops you? Do you think you deserve those things? If not, why not? What if you believed you did? Write down why you should have those things. Now write down the steps you can take to get them. They’re yours for the taking SLAYER, you have the power to make them happen. Now get to work and show us how powerful you are. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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