Celebrate Your Wins

I never used to allow myself to celebrate my wins, either I felt I didn’t deserve them, or worried that others would feel I was bragging, or I thought if I talked about being excited or proud about something that it would be taken away. It took a lot of work to even accept a compliment and not try to make up a reason to explain it away, which I have since learned on this path that it’s actually an insult to the person paying you the compliment to not to accept it, you’re basically telling them they’re wrong. They weren’t wrong, and aren’t wrong, I was wrong to not allow myself to celebrate the good, the wins and victories in my life.

So many times we worry about what others might think that we gloss over the things we’ve worked so hard for, or the changes we’re making, but here’s the deal, if anyone in your life doesn’t celebrate along with you, they probably shouldn’t be in your life…or at the very least, if you don’t have a choice, kept at a distance and not be privy to the ups and downs of your daily life. Anyone who truly loves and accepts you is right there celebrating with you, even for the smallest thing, and, you are also there for theirs, see, that’s how it works. I love it when people around me are succeeding now, I used to sit in jealousy and harbor a resentment, that their life was going better than mine, but when I took my power back and learned to love myself, I started to realize that other people’s victories in my life we also my victories, when one of us rises, we all rise.

Like attracts like, so when the positive energy is flowing, it surrounds all of us in that circle, just so when someone in your circle is struggling, we all surround them to lift them up and support them through their dark days, and it’s important to celebrate the good days, even if you’re celebrating it wasn’t as dark as yesterday. Victory! Time for a celebration! Just having that attitude and the practice of allowing yourself to celebrate you is a victory, celebrate that! Allowing ourselves to be proud and sharing it with others also shows others, who may be struggling, that it can be done, that the dark days do pass, so, when you keep those things to yourself, just like how not accepting a compliment is doing the other person a disservice, so is not celebrating your wins, the others around aren’t seeing your progress, you’re hard work paying off, you making the decision to look for the good, to be positive and to move forward in the light. Keeping the good to yourself, well, it’s really kind of selfish.

So, get out there, tell the world and celebrate your wins, share, connect, and spread that positivity with those around you, that excitement and love for yourself is contagious and will spill out to those around you, and, perhaps even inspire others to get to work for their own wins, or, maybe see that they have a few of their own they should be celebrating. Don’t be afraid to shine bright, your light has the power to heal, not only yourself, but others, and the more you celebrate and work to live in the light, the brighter it gets, and the more powerful the light is all around us. You deserve to celebrate you, life has it’s challenges and each victory, no matter how small, is a huge victory for you, and a huge victory for us all.

SLAY OF THE DAY: How does the idea of celebrating your wins make you feel? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Why? How are you doing on forgiving yourself SLAYER? Have you been feeling love for yourself? If not, why? What’s holding you back? We here all love you and want to celebrate with you, what’s one thing that you can celebrate today? Write it down, put it in your pocket and carry it with you throughout your day. Tell someone about it, and ask them to tell you one of theirs. Stay bright, and pass it on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Wins

  1. Good morning Carrie, I really enjoyed the post this morning, I could relate we get topic, you are a beautiful soul keep up the excellent work you helping a lot of people , Peace

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  2. Good morning Carrie, thank you for the new post, it really helped me to realize some of my pass experiences , thank you for what do you doing all the best and have a great day Essi

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