Weaknesses Become Strengths

Yeah you read that right SLAYERS, those things we consider our weaknesses will become our strengths! Crazy right? Hear me out. All of the things in our lives that challenge us, when we learn to and choose to take the right action, make us stronger and better people. I know, you’re still skeptical, I used to be as well. But let’s first start with this…have you forgiven yourself yet? If you haven’t that’s still on your list of things you need to SLAY, if you have, this concept may not seem so far fetched. I know for myself all of the things I used to hate about myself are the things that made me stronger because I was able to overcome them, or realized they weren’t weaknesses at all, they just made me feel vulnerable, and one way to weed through these things was acceptance, listening non-forgivers?

Acceptance is really the answer to all our frustrations, and that doesn’t mean being a door mat and letting people walk all over us, it means, looking at things for what they are, truly are, with the facts, not our feelings, and then deciding what the next right thing to do is. There are always going to be things that we don’t want to accept, for instance I don’t really want to accept that someone I trusted betrayed me, fraudulently used my name and personal information for his own gain and now I’m paying the consequences of that, but I have to, and I have. Once we know the facts we are safe. We’ve already established that we are not in control of all things, we’re not, or we would have everything we want, and everything would look exactly how we think it should look, and well, we’d probably be on a really awesome vacation right now, but alas, we don’t control all things, but we wouldn’t be SLAYERS if we did, we wouldn’t get stronger, we wouldn’t learn how to accept when things don’t go our way, or when people don’t behave the way or how we expect them too. There are many things we just have to accept.

For me acceptance goes along with my spirituality, if I believe in something greater than myself, something that is looking out for me, it’s easier for me to accept things for what they are, because really, I only have my one perspective, I only know how my actions affect those immediately around me or myself, I have no idea what the bigger picture is or how what I do may affect others out of my immediate circle who are supposed to be affected by something I’m doing. I trust that, if I am connected and paying attention, that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s a leap of faith I know, but you have to agree that when we are on the right path and doing things for the right reasons, ie: not for just ourselves, that things seem to go smoother, that people seem to come into our lives who can help and support us, or who are just of like mind, it’s those times, the times our “gut instinct” tells us to do something, that we are one with our purpose, so for me, when things don’t go my way, I try remember that it wasn’t meant for me, or I’m supposed to go through something for myself and quite possibly the other people in involved.

Great example of acceptance. I was stuck on the 405 in Los Angeles, late for a meeting, my frustration and anger were at a boiling point, I was 25 minutes late, I hate being late, when I finally get to my destination I see a fire truck and ambulance parked out front. I found out that a woman had lost control of her SUV and rammed right into a car parked behind the spot where I would have parked, about 25 minutes before I got there, meaning if I had been on time she would have slammed into my car, and quite possibly me getting out of it. I try to remember that story when I get stuck in traffic and say to myself, “you are exactly where you are supposed to be.”

We don’t always know or understand why things happen to us, but finding a way to acceptance saves us a lot of heartaches and is one of the ways that I have found peace, and a way I turned a weakness of trying to control or manipulate situations into a strength. I can now find patience when things are out of my control and trust the process. This can be done for any of those attributes we think are our weaknesses, even just the awareness of them make us stronger, but asking yourself if that attribute really does make you weak, or if it just gives you the illusion of weakness because it makes you human, vulnerable, or soft, if that’s the case, it’s not a weakness at all, but what makes you a loving caring individual, something to be proud of, and the more tools you get in your SLAYER chest, the more you’ll have the courage to wear them like a badge of honor. If they are truly something that is hindering you from living as your authentic self, then the work begins to throw them away, or at least keep them in check, these are old ideas that no longer serve you, and even though they may pop up, even in SLAYDOM, they can be told to take a hike because their services are no longer needed. It’s all part of the process SLAYER, be patient, loving and kind to yourself during your journey, but in the end, if it doesn’t serve you, you don’t need it, throw it away and own your power and strength. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Make a list of the things you have a hard time finding acceptance about. Ask yourself why? Are the reasons selfish or because of fear? What attributes or habits stand in your way of you living as your authentic self? Make a list, ask that those attributes or habits be taken away, light the list on fire and watch the burn away.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

2 thoughts on “Weaknesses Become Strengths

  1. So many crucial, potent things in this post.

    The first that struck a chord with me is ” looking at things for what they are, truly are, with the facts, not our feelings…”

    I’m a HIGHLY emotional person and it’s like a knee-jerk reaction for me to respond emotionally instead of taking the time to actually LOOK at what is upsetting me and why.

    And like you said, there are so many things outside of our control. I struggle to step away from those things and be present in what I CAN control.

    Translating my weaknesses into strength – that’s challenging.

    As for the SLAY of the day:

    I have a hard time accepting the following:

    1. Being married to a man with bipolar disorder means I will always have to be on my toes and realize that no matter how good he may seem at times, the spiral downwards happens swiftly and lasts for weeks. I can’t take this personally, it’s the disease. It’s so fucking HARD.

    2. My husband does/has done very hurtful things to me as a result of this disease. I can’t change this. It happened and will continue. Not HARMFUL things, mind you – I’m not ringing alarms here. Just a lot of betrayal.

    3. I wasted decades of my life in jobs that took me away from my family emotionally.

    4. I never stood up to my father’s wife for the pain she caused me and now it’s too late.

    So I’m printing this list out tonight and will burn it. And have a celebratory glass of wine afterwards. Or three.

    Thank you, Carrie!

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    1. Amen SLAYER! Yes, watch it burn and let it go!

      There are SO many things we cannot control, and it is easy to take things personally, we are all creative and sensitive creatures, but we can only take responsibility for our own actions, everyone else is responsible for theirs, and, is fighting their own battle, it is not up to us to take that on, we can’t, it’s not our job.

      We focus on our side of the street and keeping it clean, when we act with good intentions, not expecting anything in return, or a favorable result, we live a free and honest life, and one with a lot less headaches, and heartaches.

      Everyone has their own journey and path to take, we can only show by example which one has the best results. Walk proudly SLAYER for breaking the cycle and living as your authentic self.

      SLAY on!


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