Living In Limbo

These are strange times indeed. Living in limbo, not knowing when life will resume to any kind of semblance of what we knew. When things will come back, safely, and when our freedom to do the things we look forward to doing may be once again an option. It has been hard for me, and many others, to not be able to be there for family and friends during times of illness, death and major events that would typically bring us together. It feels like each day we live with the uncertainty of what the new recommendations, rules or mandates will be and for how long. It feels like most of the world that we knew has been on hold, and we’re stuck on pause as the days, weeks and months go by around us.

When I was living in my disease I also lived in limbo. It felt very much the same, although I had the power to change my circumstances, my head told me I couldn’t and that there was no way out, the truth was, I was keeping myself a prisoner in my own cell. I saw life moving past me and because I wasn’t taking action to make positive changes in my life, life, on the inside, seemed like it was standing still, even though in reality it was actually declining. When I finally found the courage to reach out for help I began to make the changes I needed to release myself from that prison, life started to move forward again, on the inside, it seemed slow at first, but it did inch forward as I began to work on myself and the choices I was making. That action kept me in the light, and it gave me hope that if I continued to do the work that I could get better, and I did, as a result, I realized how much power I had to make things better for myself with some guidance and support.

I think about that time in my life today as I feel like much of my life is on hold. I focus on what I can do each day to move things forward, to keep myself healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, and how I can give back. When my thoughts and actions are directed to things I can change I don’t feel so helpless. I put my energy into something creative, something that fills up my soul and makes my heart happy, I continue to learn, to educate myself, to take part virtually to connect with friends, family and peers. I do what I can to bring in as much normalcy as I can and try not to focus on the uncertainty and the worry that the little bit of normalcy I enjoy could be taken away. Our lives are what we focus on, and if we focus on fear, doom and gloom that’s what we’re going to see, feel and live, it is up to each of us to find the light in our days, to look ahead and put in the footwork for the goals and places we want to go when we can, that is using this time in limbo efficiently, but, it’s also about letting ourselves take the time that we may need to recharge, to rest and to feel what we’re feeling, sometimes we just need to hang out in our PJ’s and watch a favorite movie or read a favorite book. Our lives may not have the options available that we normally do, but we do still have many if we look for them, or open to discovering them in different ways.

Life may feel like it is on hold, and many things in our lives may be, but we can move forward with things we can from this place and rise to the challenge of finding new ways to express ourselves and share our uniqueness with the world. It’s during times of struggle that we truly show ourselves for who we are. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you feel like your life is in limbo? How does that make you feel? How does that affect your daily life? Does it affect it in a negative way? How can you change or lessen that? What has this time challenged you to do? What have you learned from that? What can you challenge yourself to do that may be new or different? How do you think this action may help how you feel? Our lives are what we believe them to be, if we think they are compromised they will be, but if we dust ourselves off and learn to navigate these uncharted waters, we may just be surprised with who we are and what we can accomplish.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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