When You Judge Someone By Their Past It Can Make That Past Impossible To Escape

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I’ve seen this happen over the years and most recently with someone I love. I’ve shared before that sometimes when we move on, better ourselves and our lives, that some around us may try to hold us back to make themselves feel comfortable, not everyone wants us to change for the better because they may have liked us and the relationship the way it was, as sad as that may be, it is the reality sometimes. I have seen that at work over the past year with someone in my life and a family member. The person who is being judged for their past has worked to change their lives and to live a healthier, productive and more spiritual life, and a family member chooses not to see the change and talks down to this person like they are still living in the bottom they’ve worked to get out of. I see the result of those interactions on the person I love, and how it seems to act like a chain pulling them back to their past. How the people in our lives speak to us and treat us affects how successfully we are able to shed our past.

For me, when I made a commitment to get well I was lucky to have an abundance of support around me, more than I expected, and that felt good. I leaned on those people when I had challenging days, and there were many at the beginning of my journey who were there for me when I needed them, as I advanced into my recovery I leaned on them a little less, and as I started feeling better and the changes I was making become more evident to those around me there were some people, not many, who didn’t want me to change, they had liked me the way I was even though that was not a healthy place and a place that was destroying me. People like to put things in a box or compartment, it makes them feel safe, or it allows them to open that box when they need or want certain things, but it’s not our job to remain where we are because it suits someone else’s narrative or because it’s a place they’re expecting us to live in, we have to do what’s right for us and if someone can’t support our choices and change and grow with us, then perhaps they shouldn’t be a part of your lives, or, play a smaller role in it. That may sound harsh, but anyone who truly loves us will want the best for us and will welcome any positive changes we make in our lives, as we would for them. We must always do what is best for us without worrying we might upset someone else.

We have the power to better ourselves, to make better choices and to grow on our path and journey through life. There may be people who may try to hold us hostage in our past, but we have the power to let go of that bondage and not let anyone hold us back there. Choose the people wisely who you allow to be in your life and find those who support your decisions to improve yourself, those are the ones who truly want the best for you and want to see you be your best self, any less than that, they may be trying to hold you hostage to a you you’ve left behind. SLAY On!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you feel like the people in your life support you in your decisions to better yourself? How do they do that? Are there people in your life who you feel don’t support you? Why do you feel that they don’t? Do you feel they try to hold you hostage to your past? What can you do to break free from that? What can you do to stop them from doing so in the future? What can you do to surround yourself with more support in your life? We are not our past, nor do we live there, we live today, in the moment, and make the best choices for us that will walk us toward a positive, uplifting and inspiring life!

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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