Looking Through Your Own Tinted Glasses

It is easy in life to look at things through our own tinted glasses. We sometimes look through a lens that makes things look better than they are, allowing ourselves to continue bad behavior or justify the choices we’re making when we may know we should be making others. We look through a lens that keeps us in the dark, that continue to keep us sick and isolated from those who can or are willing to help us. And, we look through lenses that only show us the fun parts of life, ignoring what really needs to be done or worked on. No matter what glasses we have on, if what we’re choosing to see isn’t reality, it can hold us back, from life, who we are meant to be, and from the relationships we have the potential of having and nurturing.

When I stepped on this path I had used all of the glasses above. I often switched the lens to suit my mood or the story I wanted to tell, and what I never wanted to see was actual reality. Reality to me was the most terrifying place I could be. I did everything in my power to escape reality, no cost was too high and no justification too ridiculous, I hid from my reality until it was all I had left, and the reality I found myself in was a dark small space I had a boxed myself into. My life depended on me recognizing my reality back then, and it took that realization for me to finally find the courage to take off those glasses and see what I had actually been living in. The reality I had to start recognizing was very harsh, but if I had any hope of getting better I had to learn to face it and find the tools to repair what I had done. I found those early days of my reality very uncomfortable because I had to learn how to navigate through the day to day life without escaping and hiding from it. I had to learn to walk through my uncomfortableness and know that it wasn’t permanent, that it too, like everything else, will pass. And it did. And, I had to learn to lean on others who were learning, just as I was, to live in their reality, and reach out to them when my reality seemed too overwhelming and know I could hold onto them to help. My new reality was one of life, of love and of making better choices for myself, I found hope there and I learned to be myself there. And, even though there are still times when I don’t want to be in my reality in any given moment, or feel what I feel in that reality, I know it makes me stronger, I know that it will lead me to the next place I need to go and I know I can face it because I have faced a lot on this path and in this reality and I am still here. My reality keeps me humble, and if I remain teachable in my reality it is full of opportunity, and it is a place where I can be proud of who I am and what I’ve overcome, it also allows me to connect and share that with others.

It is easy to want to look at things from our own tinted lens, but when we do we cheat ourselves from living in the moment and experiencing what is really going on, we miss those moments in life we are meant to have that give us what we need to grow and take us to where we are meant to go. Those tinted lenses may also harm us, not allowing us to see the damage we may be doing to ourselves and those around us, and, the longer we have them on, the harder it is to take them off. Look at life through the lens of reality, it is there where it will become evident what you need to do to have the life you want for yourself, it may take some work, but so does hiding behind those glasses. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you tend to hide behind glasses with your own tinted lenses, or perspective, or do you look for the truth in your reality? If you look through tinted lenses, what do you usually see? What do you want to see? What do you think you should be seeing? How can you help yourself see that? What scares you about your reality? Why? What can you do to overcome that fear? Take off those glasses and look with your own eyes, look for the truth and within that truth, your path will become clear.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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