Falling Down Is Part Of The Process

When we set out on a new path, when we put our best intentions out there, when we work hard to make better choices and we are striving to be our best authentic selves, everything should be smooth sailing right? Wrong. Falling down is part of the process. I know for myself it’s when I’ve fallen that I’ve learned the most. I’ve learned to do things in a different way, or a better way, or sometimes, when there may be no other way, I’ve learned that I’m strong enough to get back up again and keep going. Really, all falling down is doing is giving us useful information.

I know it can be easy to get down over perceived setbacks, to get angry that even though you are doing your best that things aren’t going as smoothly, or how you would have hoped, or liked, but they are all going the way they’re supposed to going. Those times we fall we have to trust we fell for a reason. It’s during those times that we should pause and look at what our part was in the fall, or if there is some new information that can prevent us from falling the next time. We learn most when we fall, if everything was going great all the time we probably wouldn’t be learning much, and we certainly wouldn’t be building stamina for the long haul. We would get lazy, maybe even entitled, and we wouldn’t have the fire inside of us to get back up off the floor and keep trudging forward. It’s those falls that make us who we are, that show the world who we are, and it’s those falls that let the universe mold us into who we are, and who we are supposed to be.

It’s also about not putting so much importance in the falls. As I said, a fall is just information. When we look at it as that, it looses it’s power over us, it just becomes another moment to gather the facts, instead of a devastating event that sets us back. We have the power to diminish the falls as nothing more than the ebb and flow of life, we all have ups, and downs, so look at it as a down that is going to give you the information and tools to get you to the next up. It goes back to my blog Level Up, we all need to have accomplished certain things and have collected certain tools and skills to get to the next level, if we don’t we stay stuck. So start looking at those falls as a good thing, as something that is preparing you for something bigger, better, and where you’re supposed to be next. So, even though it may hurt in the present, it’s meant to get us to the next place we’re supposed to be. And many times the fall has occurred because we weren’t doing what we should have been doing in the first place. Now, not all falls can be avoided, we are meant to go through many in our lifetime, but there are also many that are the direct result of our own actions, or, inaction, so there is a lesson in that as well.

Really, a fall is a good thing, even though it may hurt, even though it may be difficult to get back up from, it’s just a temporary place we find ourselves in and it will pass. The trick is to take what information you can from the situation, pick up some new tools, so that you don’t fall in the same spot the next time it comes up, because if you choose to ignore it, or ignore the signs of what you should have done, you will fall again, in the exact same place, and, it will hurt a little more the next time because you should have seen it coming, or you did, and didn’t do anything about it. Make sure to stay on your path SLAYER, and if you stumble, ask yourself what you can learn for the next time, and know, no matter how hard you fall, you can get back up and try again, eventually, you will find your stride and start to navigate around those pitfalls as you find your way to where you are destined to be. SLAY on.

SLAY OF THE DAY: When you have a set-back or you fall, what is your typical reaction? Do you let it bring you down? What if you started to look at those times as just information that you can use for the next time? Can you write down some examples of times when you have used information from a time when you felt you fell so that you wouldn’t the next time? How did it help you? Do you find that you let it defeat you, or challenge you to do better? What is your typical reaction? Do you see that you have the power to change a seemingly negative situation into something positive that you can use to do better the next time? If not, how do you think you can change that thinking or perspective for yourself? You can SLAYER. Focus on the good of any situation, even the perceived “bad” ones, because every situation is an opportunity to learn and to gather new information, when we just look at the facts and let go of what we thought it was supposed to look like, or that these “bad” things keep happening to us, we can change how we think about our falls and start to make those “bad” events into something good we can use the next time. The more information we have, the easier it is to navigate through life and SLAY.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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