Drop The Rope

I used to hang on to anything and everything like my life depended on it, what I didn’t realize is that my life depended on me dropping the rope and letting go. I don’t mean I was literally holding a rope, but I was tethered to people, places, and things trying to control each and every situation in my life, trying to manipulate it into what I wanted it to be, what I expected it to be, what I thought it should be. It wasn’t until stepping on this path that I learned to, “drop the rope.” It was difficult at first, to let go and walk away, trust that if I had done the footwork the outcome was now not up to me, that I had to trust that the result of that work would be what I needed it to be, not necessarily what I wanted it to be, but what I needed at that given time. Scary. But holding on tight only got me to a place of despair, of pain, of dishonesty, of, well, close to death. It took things getting that bad for me to finally listen and take the suggestion to drop the rope.

Dropping the rope can be scary, especially when we’ve always held on tight, when we’ve believed that hanging on was the safest choice, or the only choice, and that holding on could make things go our way. It can’t. If things are meant for us, they will come, they will happen, so holding on, worrying, causing ourselves anxiety and pain isn’t going to make things come to us any faster, or more often than they are meant to, it’s only stealing our serenity, happiness and health. Drop the rope.

For a lot of us it goes back to our childhoods, of feeling different, or alone, or like things were out of our control, things we didn’t like, things we wanted to be different, so we held onto that imaginary rope thinking if we did things perfectly, or a certain way, it would be OK. And, as we grew into adulthood, we continued to do that, we continued to hold on tightly to that rope, even when it didn’t seem to change things or make things sway in our favor, we still held on, fingers burning, palms bleeding, we held on tight. For me it took a breakdown to see that it wasn’t working, to see that nothing I did to try to control things could make things always fall in my favor, and no one always has things fall in their favor, it’s just not how life works, there are some who seem to be ‘luckier’ than others, but no one wins all the time, so what I was trying to do wasn’t even possible to attain.

So, how do you win? You win by doing what you can do to help things go in your favor, by putting your best foot forward, by doing the work, make your intentions known, share your expectations with others, and then, stay out of the results. Oh yeah SLAYER, I said, stay out of the results. Once you’ve done all you can, you step back, exhale, and let it happen. As scary as that may sound, there is so much freedom in doing that, so much power, you, are taking your power back, trusting that the work you’ve done is enough, and if it’s not, learning from that for next time, or accepting that it wasn’t meant for you, and focus on something else, or the next time you will try again. But when we hang on, way past when we should have, we lose a part of ourselves, we loose our self-respect, dignity, we lose our power, it’s the act of letting go that gives us strength and showing the world that we are strong enough to do it, it shows the world that we are confident in who we are, we are sure of our decisions, and work we’ve done to get to this point, and it gives us peace.

If something isn’t working for you, let go, as the saying goes, “you don’t have to ride the garbage truck all the way to the dump, you can get off at any time.” It’s time to do what’s right for you, make the commitment to let go when something doesn’t serve you, or, you’ve done all the work you can, let go, drop the rope, and show yourself some love.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you hang on too long? Why are you afraid to let go? What do you think will happen if you do? Write down an example of when you held on too long. How did that make you feel? What was the result? Make a commitment SLAYER, to drop the rope, to let go when it no longer serves you, to know when there is no more work to be done, and to walk away, and trust, that you will be taken care of, and you’ll be stronger for your courage of acceptance. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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