The Language Of The Heart

I was recently speaking to someone about truth, that place inside of us where there are no walls, no masks, no hiding, that place where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and let that vulnerability speak to someone else’s vulnerability, that, to me, is the language of the heart, one heart to speaking to another.

Before walking this path I never spoke that language, I was too afraid to let anyone see the real me, and I thought vulnerability was weakness so I certainly wasn’t going to let anyway see that in me. I lived my life in fear of being found out as a fraud, of not being good enough and of you not liking me, so I hid my vulnerability and hid my true self, hiding behind the person I was pretending to be. As a result, my heart was closed off to those around me, and eventually even to myself because it became too painful to live in that place and not address who I really was and how much pain I was living in. It took some work to let go of the fear of letting my vulnerability come through and for my truth to come out and realize the power of that.

I first had to surrender, to admit that my way of thinking was not working, the way I was living my life was only hurting me and keeping me sick, and I had to let go of what I thought and be open to what could be. That surrender ended up the most powerful thing I had, and have done, in my life. It was within that act that I was able to take my power back, to put my mental health and well-being in my hands, and to take some steps to get better. That surrender opened the door to my heart, just a crack to start, but it opened it enough to let some vulnerability out. I was told at the beginning of my journey that I had to be rigorously honest, every day, if I wanted to get better, no more hiding behind myself and who I thought you wanted me to be, I had to learn to just be, and be OK with that, even when it felt uncomfortable. But the more I shared my truth, the more comfortable that became, and hiding things began to feel uncomfortable, but I had to really be diligent about it because sometimes I would still hide things because I wasn’t ready to let them go. Each time I held onto something it held me back from my own recovery, it put up a wall between myself and those around me and it prevented me from speaking from my heart. When I am not honest I rip out the cords of connection I have with those who love and support me, and when I do, I feel lost and alone. Keeping myself honest and sharing that truth is what keeps those connections alive, and keeps me on a positive path, one that is moving me forward in my growth.

It can be scary to speak from the heart, to open our hearts and share them with those around us, but when we do we are being our true selves, our most beautiful selves and sharing that part of us with someone else’s most beautiful selves, even if our truth that day is messy, or sad or angry if it’s authentic, it’s always coming from a beautiful place. Allow yourself to speak from that place, to speak the language of the heart and let your heart be a sign that it’s OK to be exactly who you are in the place you find yourself in that moment. Let your heart shine, let go and let that light the way on your path. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you share your truth with others or hide what’s really going on? If you hide, why do you do that? What stops you from sharing your truth? Are the reasons based in fact or fears? Are they possibly based on what you’ve been told by someone else who lives in fear? If you share your truth how does that make you feel? How has it helped you in your life? How has it connected you to others? What can you do to share that more? When we speak the language of the heart we are speaking as our true selves, we are sharing and listening with compassion and love, and we are inviting others to do the same and letting their heart shine.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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