How We Live Today Is What Will Determine Tomorrow

This seemed like a timely topic, not only for ourselves personally, but globally. I’ve mentioned before that as the world has taken a pause it’s a good time to look at our lives and see if who we are and how we’re living and take an honest inventory of what we want to continue or leave behind as life begins to resume again. We all seemed determined to rush back to the lives we had, but perhaps not all of it is worth rushing back to. In this time of closures and cancellations life got simpler, and, for many of us, we realized what truly is important to us, or, what wasn’t really working. This global shut-down put a big spotlight on each of our lives and it was more difficult to hide behind those things we may distract ourselves with when they weren’t available. Like any kind of breakdown, there’s always an opportunity for an incredible breakthrough on the other side.

I’ve shared before that when I began my path in recovery, I had to completely change my life from the ground up. That, at the start, scared me, as I had clung onto my bad habits and thinking, like a child with a blanket, for so long, the thought of not having those “comforts” of my past to fall back on left me feeling vulnerable and exposed, but I knew I had to leave all of those things behind to build something better, and that those things I thought comforted or protected me were really just keeping me sick and isolated from others. Each day I laid the groundwork for tomorrow, doing the best I could and knowing if I didn’t get it right that it was OK and part of the journey, and, I would get another chance tomorrow. As I continued to make better choices and gained more self-love and self-esteem my tomorrows kept getting better. And, sometimes they didn’t, but those days gave me the opportunity to look at what I could do to make that part of my foundation stronger and what I could do better the next time. I’ve found I learn much more from the failures than the wins, so even the failures become victories if they lead to a change for the better. Each day ahead sets up the following day, and the days to follow.

As we have fewer distractions in our days it’s the perfect time to really look at the way we choose to spend our time, and what we can do to make some improvements as our lives start to open up again and things begin to get busier. Individually, and globally, we have a great opportunity to look at who we’ve been, who we are and determine who we want to be moving forward. The moments during this time that have stood out for me are the acts of kindness we’ve shown each other, the strength of community and the sharing of our common experiences to connect and not feel so alone. My hope is that we move forward together in this same movement, and continue to reflect and ask ourselves how we can continue to add much of more what we found into what we can become. We can add on or fortify our foundations at any time with what we’ve learned or know we need tomorrow. Look at your foundation and fill the cracks or missing pieces with honesty, willingness and positive action, those will always guarantee you a better tomorrow. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Are you someone who has used this time to look honestly at your life and the way it was? Have you seen some things that you feel you should let go or change? What are they? Have your priorities shifted since things have stopped? What has changed? What can you do to continue positive changes in your life as we begin to get back to some of the normal activities in our lives? What have you noticed the most that you’ve missed from your life? Is this something that is healthy or a distraction? What was it distracting you from? What can you do to work on that area instead of distracting yourself from it? Lay the foundation today that you want to live on tomorrow, you can’t have a sturdy life on a foundation built on distractions.


S – self  L – love  A – appreciate  Y – you

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