Accept The Gifts

For many of us, it isn’t easy asking for help or accepting it, and during this time it’s near impossible to do everything on our own. The circumstances in which we live make it very difficult to never find ourselves in a position to ask for help. I’ve written before that it’s OK to ask for help, in fact, when we do ask, most of the time, it not only helps us, but it also helps the person we have asked who is helping us, it’s funny how it works that way. Just like when we need to talk to someone about what may be going on for us, the person we ask usually gets just as much out of that conversation as we do needing an ear. Life, very often, presents opportunities for us to not only humble ourselves and ask for what we may need, but also presents an opportunity for someone to step up and be of service.

When I was living in the dark it was very difficult for me to ask for help, I thought it was a sign of weakness, I was proud to push through on my own, no matter what the collateral damage was, and not need a hand from others. Now there were times when, by doing this, I had gotten myself into situations that I could not get out of and was forced to ask for help, and I would beat myself up for doing it, or, at times, my twisted thinking would tell me that it was owed to me because of past arguments or events that I justified in my mind so the help that was requested balanced the books in my view, all unhealthy thinking. Asking for help ultimately was what I needed to do, what I had to learn to do, to get and keep myself on a healthy path.

It took a lot to reach out for help that first time, and I am grateful to have felt desperate and fearful enough to override my ego and finally reach out my hand. That, was a huge relief and the moment I took my power back, but learning to continue to ask for help when I needed it took practice, along with learning to accept the help and gifts that came to me and still do. For me, finding acceptance in myself and learning to love myself was the key to accepting gifts in my life, and I’m not just talking about physical things, gifts can take many forms, even a smile or a warm hug. I had to learn to believe I deserved to receive gifts from others, and myself, I had to learn to trust that there wasn’t an ulterior motive behind them and that they were given from the heart, and that took time, but the more I learned to simply say thank you and accept them the easier it got, and the more I gave them myself and felt the power of those gestures I realized by not allowing someone else to give their gift was actually stealing from them and was selfish. It’s like not taking a compliment, explaining it away or telling someone you don’t deserve it, is telling that person they are wrong, which doesn’t feel good to anyone, to simply say thank you and leave it at that allows you learn to accept good things and allows the person to give them.

Right now we all can benefit from accepting the gifts that may come our way, as well as giving them, but it is important for your spirit and self to receive them and give thanks, when we are able to practice that it fills our hearts, it shows us that we are worthy of receiving this kindness and that we deserve good things. Don’t be too proud to deny yourself these experiences and also deny someone else the act of giving, as I already mentioned, nothing happens by mistake, there is a reason for the giver and the person receiving the gift, and it may be bigger than either of you can imagine. If you feel compelled to give, do it, and if you are the lucky recipient, smile and say thank you, and know that you were chosen for a reason. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you have a difficult time accepting gifts? Why do you think that is? What is the last gift you accepted? How did it make you feel? What was the last gift you gave? How did that make you feel? So, in remembering how you felt when you gave a gift, can you then see how important it is to accept the ones that may come your way? Why do you feel you are not worthy of gifts? Why do you feel others may be? You are worthy SLAYER, we all are, gifts come into our lives to show us something, to lift our spirits or to bring us closer together, trust that the gifts coming your way are there for a reason, say thank you and feel that in your heart.

S – self  L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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