Creativity Takes Courage

It takes a lot of courage to express yourself in a creative way. When we share who we are in a creative outlet we are vulnerable. We are vulnerable to criticism, judgment and perhaps not being accepted as someone who has something valid to offer. Probably more people than most never take the leap and share their creativity because of fear of all of those things, and more. they let that creative flames within them get blown out by fear and never share their light with the world.

Before walking this path I had a lot of fear in me. My creative fire burned bright but it would often get blown out by my own fears, and when I had the opportunities to shine, many times I talked myself out of being my best self and taking advantage of those opportunities, only to beat myself up later for not sharing what I could have in the moment. I had courage, but when I needed it most, it often was taken over by fear and as a result I felt exposed and vulnerable. My negative bullshit committee would pipe up and tell me I wasn’t good enough, that I had no talent, or I was not enough in general, and that I was wasting everyone’s time. I didn’t know then not to listen to that committee,  and I let it rob me of many opportunities I could have taken to show off my creative talent. I let it tell me things that weren’t true, and I let what it was telling me continue to drive home the narrative that I wasn’t a good person and didn’t deserve good things, which added fuel the darkness in my life and drove me down a deeper pit of depression. The antidote to all of this was learning to love myself, and truly get to know myself, to learn to embrace the creative side of me and to allow myself to be vulnerable, to let go of that fear that was holding me back, and not based in truth, and to find the courage to share my best self when those opportunities presented themselves.

We are all given unique talents, and it’s up to us to find the best ways to utilize those talents and showcase them, share them with the world and let the best of who we are and what we have to offer shine, and to find the courage to let ourselves be vulnerable knowing that we are enough and that our voice matters. It does take a leap of faith at first, trusting in the fire that burns within you, but as you go, and the more you do it, the bigger your flames get and the more confident you feel expressing yourself. Focus on the creative force within you and let it guide you to the best ways for you to share your particular gifts and talents, never doubt the gifts you’ve been given, and know, that what you have is unique to you, so nurture that, hone it, fine-tune the best of what you have and share it with the world, it may be that your most valuable talent ends up being your courage to express who you are, and that courage may just inspire others to do the same. Be your best you and share your heart and soul with the world, we’re all here for a reason, we need to hear from you, just as you need to hear from us. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you believe in yourself and your talents? When given the opportunity, do you share your talent with others? If not, why not? Are you drawn to other people who have talent? What draws you to them? What do you think they have that you don’t? What do you think you share with them? When you have shared your talent and it was received well, how did that make you feel? Did it inspire you to share it more? How did that change or improve that talent you have? Did it make it easier to find the courage to share your talent next time? If you did not have a positive experience, why do you think that was? Was there anything within your control that could have changed that experience to a positive one? What was that? Have you since implemented that change or changes for the next time? Has the next time already come since implementing those changes? What was the result? It is up to us to find the courage to share our creativity, to allow yourself to express ourselves through it, and to share it with others. Like anything SLAYER, the more you do it the easier to becomes, and the stronger that creativity grows within you. Let those creative flames reach higher, and keep fanning them with courage and watch them grow.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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