Peaceful Warrior

I was sitting across someone the other day who was wearing a cap that said Peaceful Warrior on it. I watched him, and he certainly did look like a warrior, he was a pretty solid guy, but he also looked grounded, and, as advertised, peaceful. It reminded me as we walk our path that when we go to battle each day, as we fight for ourselves, and those we love, we often don’t do it peacefully, sometimes we start out that way, but we get into the charge of the action, or the adrenaline of what’s going on, and we lose that peace, that serenity, and consequently, often, we lose ourselves to anger, or even rage, or fear. The idea of being peaceful among the chaos is a beautiful image, like a MATRIX type calm of slowing down the action around us and remaining still and focused, and although we can’t in life physically create that, we can spiritually and mentally. So, how do we keep the peace in our day-to-day life, with chaos going on around us?

Manage Our Fear – Fear immediately sets us into overdrive. It removes all sense of calm and peace and gets us into a place where we are reacting instead of doing the next right thing, it blinds us to what is and we move into a fight or flight stance. Finding a way to keep our fears from getting in our way is the first step in finding peace. Fears are not facts. Stick to the facts and what you know to be true. Don’t live in the future or the past, live in the now, and focus on what can be done in each moment to reach your goal or obtain what you need to move forward.

Keep Our Intentions Pure – Make sure you are doing something because you want to do it, doing something because of the result of it, or how it will make you look to others, is not the act of a peaceful warrior. Focus not so much on the result of what you’re doing, but the reasons you are doing it and the journey to get there.

Old Ideas Limit Our Destinations – When we let past experiences or old ideas dominate our thoughts, they limit what we can accomplish. We are changing and working every day to be our best selves, so what we were able to do yesterday, or the day before, no longer applies, challenge yourself to let go of the past, believe in who you are and who you are working to be, and watch those self-limitations fall away and new results start to happen.

Don’t Over-Schedule – We all have busy lives, we juggle a lot of balls every day, but when we over-schedule ourselves we quickly lose our own peace and begin to scramble for control. It also often has us lose sight of what we’re trying to do, of who we are working to be, because we are so busy trying to multi-task and get everything done, we may get it all done, but at what cost? Usually, being present and calm as we struggled throughout our day. Make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself each day with your time, focus on each task, and if you’re unable to finish all you set out do, that’s OK, tomorrow is another day to try again.

Win Or Lose, We Win – Stop evaluating everything as a win or loss, the fact that you’re trying is a win, and, if thing didn’t work at as you had planned, which often happens, that’s a lesson learned, and maybe that lesson was, it wasn’t supposed to go your way that day and so now it’s up to you to handle it in a way that is not self-destructive to your growth. Look at every situation as a win, just in varying degrees.

Don’t Judge Our Thoughts – Things will pop into our heads constantly during the day, some that may even shock us, some that may try to keep us down, or some that try to keep that old narrative running that no longer serves us. There is nothing wrong with these thoughts, they are not our truth unless we allow them to be, so observe them, acknowledge they are there, ask yourself why they are there, and then let them go. A lot of the time negative thinking crops up when we are taking care of ourselves, when we’re in H.A.L.T., hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, so when negative thinking dominates your thoughts, do a self-care check and see if that is the source of your negative thinking. Thinking negative things does not make you a bad person, but believing or acting on  them will derail your day.

How we fine-tune our peace is unique to us, but we need to tackle the above elements as building blocks to find that peace in our day to lives, and when we do, no matter what is thrown at us, we can take a breath and take on life’s little challenges, or big challenges, with integrity, with heart, and with success. SLAY on peaceful warrior.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you think of yourself as a peaceful warrior? If yes, why? If not, why not? Are there some things you can tackle peacefully and some not? List what you can, and list what you cannot. Why do you struggle with the ones on your not list? What can you do to change that? Finding our own peaceful warrior takes practice, and even when we find it, some days we just don’t have it, but that is our challenge as peaceful warriors, to lose it and find it again, and, to not let that loss be a loss, to let it teach us and guide us as we continue on to win again.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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