Faith Is Hope With A Track Record

Some days it’s more difficult to write. Especially on days when my light might feel a little dim. It can take a lot to rally and pull out my pom-poms to cheer everyone on, to inspire you all and find that fire within. Today is one of those days. And yet, these days are also good days to write. To remind myself of what I know, deep down, that this too shall pass, that my expectations of others may weigh me down, but that I shouldn’t have expectations of others, that I will rise above because I always have, and have during even more trying times in my life than what I may be facing now. Life may seem out of control, restrictive and disconnected, and even though these are unprecedented times in my lifetime, it is my faith that tells me that I can overcome this, knowing that difficult times do not last forever, and, that it is in these times that I learn a lot, about myself, and those I have chosen to be in my life.

Before walking the path I walk now, I didn’t have much faith or hope. My mind always went to the negative, and the little bit of hope I could muster from time to time would quickly get snuffed out by my belief that I didn’t deserve good things. It was someone sharing their story with me, of where he had come from and where he was today that later give me that little flicker of hope that encouraged me to pick up the phone and ask for help. Faith would come later, but it started with hope. I always wanted better things for myself but never took the action, or followed through, to make the positive choices and stick to them to better myself, I would let the negative self-talk talk me right back into the darkness where it held me prisoner. That hope I found in my friend’s story led me to take action, that action led me to people who supported me, who led me to professionals who also worked with me to better myself and work with me on my mental health, and as I was seeing positive changes in my life I began to have faith that things could and would get better because I started to see the track record of my positive acts. Faith was a result in believing that as I continued to do the work that things would get better, not just hoping things would change, but actually rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. Faith can also be a belief in something greater than ourselves that we believe is watching over us, guiding us, but faith alone doesn’t get the job done, faith and the positive action are the winning combination, and as we succeed we find that faith that we can continue succeeding, even when we may hit a rough spot.

Today many of us may have hit that rough spot, but remind yourself of what you’ve overcome before, of those times when things may have been dark, but later past, and that when we believe and do what we can each day to better ourselves that this too shall pass, as it has many times before. It’s in these times that we need to dig deep down for the faith within us, to find that light, that fire that burns and keep our eyes on that flame, and, when we can, share that flame with someone who may need it to light theirs. When we share our light, it gets brighter. Find a moment to sit quietly today and connect with your faith, hang onto it and let it remind you of the many times you’ve walked through challenges in your life. If you have trouble finding it, look for some hope and hold onto that until your faith shows you up. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you have faith? If yes, have you always had it, or found it later in life? If you found it, what changed, how did you find it? If you don’t have faith, why don’t you? Did you have it and lost it? If so, what happened? Do you have hope? If not, why not? Have you had hope in the past? How have you lost it? No matter what we may be going through it doesn’t last forever, everything passes in time, know that even if today is a dark and hopeless day, that you can find hope again if you look for it, and if you look at hope and it’s track record, you may even find some faith.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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