How Is Your Now?

I was speaking with a group of Women the other day and the topic of fear came up. We all shifted a little in our seats. Fear is something many of us have right now about many different things. There is a lot of uncertainty for each of us and collectively around the world, but we have very little control over any of it. I’ve written here before about when we are in fear we are not present, we are either in the past or future, it’s very rare that we are in the now. For me, when I am in fear, which I have been, especially this past week, I have to focus on being present, focusing on gratitude and the things I can control, such as, my reaction to my fear. By staying present and in the now I can focus on the action I can take and when I’m in action I tend to let go of fear and focus more on what’s in front of my hands. For each of us, focusing on the now and focusing on our breath helps us to slow down our racing minds and which tend to keep us in fear of what we cannot control.

Before stepping on the path I am now I lived my life in fear. I was never present, always in the past or future and felt totally out of control, because I was. I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own actions and not taking positive actions in my life. I let fear dominate me and everything I did and it ruined relationships, business opportunities and my own self-worth. Back then, my now was a scary place and a place that overwhelmed me because I had let things slide so far down the scale that it seemed almost impossible to get myself out, as a result I kept hiding from the now hoping it would change on its own. It did, but only for the worse. When I was able to face the truth of my now and started making positive changes in my life the now became less of a scary place, it became a place of recovery, of self-love and of change. The now became an exciting place and a place where I could find peace, fear could still live in the now, but only if it was healthy, or, I was doing something about it. Today when I feel overwhelmed, I can ask myself, how is my now, to bring me back to reality and out of the fear of the unknown, because right now, at this moment, I’m OK.

With life as we know it pretty much at a standstill in many areas, it can be hard to live in the now, and accept what’s there, but when we live in fear of what may be coming, or what has already happened, we are not living in a place that allows us to make positive change. We can only take action in the now, and that is a place where we can control how we respond to the people, places and things around us. There is much we can’t control, but when we’re in the now we’re in the right place to put things into perspective and do what’s best for us. The road ahead may seem daunting, but if we focus on what’s in front of our hands, and each step we can take action on, we are able to make the changes we can and do what’s best for us. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you allow to get sucked into the past or future? What is the result? Do you feel fear when you are living in those places? How does that fear manifest in your life? Do you actively try to live in the now and stay present? If not, why not? If you do, how do you do that? How does that help you? What tricks have you learned to keep yourself in the now? Have you found that staying in the now helps you curb off your fears? During this time of uncertainty and change it is important to keep ourselves in the now and to ask ourselves how our now is, if we don’t like it, now is a place where we can take action to change.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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