A Pickle Can’t Go Back To Being A Cucumber

I don’t know how many times when I was living in my disease I wished I could turn back time. Each day things got worse, my shame got heavier and my self-hatred grew. I remember not understanding how I had gotten to the places I found myself, and instead of taking action to find out how I could improve things I lived in a place of wishful thinking hoping things would change magically on their own or that somehow just by thinking about how things used to be I could somehow manifest them to happen once again. None of that worked. As they say, you pickle can’t go back to being a cucumber.

Life only goes one way, forward, even if we stay stuck, life still rolls along without us. We can’t stop the days from passing or make our responsibilities melt away, and we can’t wish ourselves into a better life, we have to do the work to make it happen, and no amount of work is going to take us back to who or what we were before. The nature of life is to learn and grow, and we can certainly look back at our past and take what we’ve done to use as a building block, a piece of useful information, but no matter what we do we can’t go back there, we’re pickles, pickles will always remain pickles. But, we can be super pickles, we can be the best pickles we can be and the type of pickles we’ve always want to be, or maybe, were, but because we’ve taken what we’ve learned from our past we’re even better pickles today than the best pickles we ever were! That’s a lot of pickles. The point is, there is no going back, we’re not meant to go that way, we’re meant to move forward, whether we like it or not, and finding our best selves in the place we are now, or, working to become our best selves. We may reminisce of some good times, some fond memories, that’s all perfectly fine, but we can’t live today as we were yesterday.

For me, I had to learn to live in the moment, even when that moment felt really uncomfortable or I didn’t want to be there. I had to change my thinking and keep it in the now, and also set goals for myself to where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be, that way I was always in forward motion, working toward something and celebrating the milestones as I went. I couldn’t change the past, nor could I relieve it, but I could create a good present-day and make today one of hope and positivity. By letting go of my past I was giving myself the best shot of having a bright future, but that future would unfold slowly one day at a time. We are who we are today, and it is up to us today to make any changes we can that will improve our mental, physical or spiritual way of life. We can’t go back to being someone we used to be, but we can work on being the best version of ourselves today.

We have to start living for today. You have an opportunity each day to be your best self, and to grow and expand on that on your way to becoming who you are meant to be, but to do that you have to stop living in the past, hoping for things to be different and starting to make things different by choosing the right actions to get you the right results. Why fall back when you can leap forward? SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you live your life in a state of wishful thinking? What are you wishing for? Are those wishes realistic? Can you make some of those wishes come true with the right action? What actions can you take today? Why haven’t you taken them before? What has stopped you from taking them? What can you do to overcome those obstacles? Take the positive action you can today and use each day to build on the next bringing you closer to your best self.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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