Go With The Flow

I am someone who is typically organized, I have appointments and notes in my calendar, with reminder notifications set, I make lists, stay on a schedule and always have my eye on the days ahead to make sure I’ve set up what I need so I don’t get caught by surprise, so, in these current times, when the schedule and plans keep changing moment by moment, I need to remember to go with the flow. Yesterday I found myself feeling overwhelmed trying to hang on to a schedule for the day and days ahead when things constantly keep getting canceled or moved around. As I was racing down the street rambling on the phone, heart racing, temperature rising, I realized that I was not going to willfully force things to be anything like normal that day, or in the days to come. The way I was going to make it through the current state of things was to let go of what I think needs to happen, should happen, or I would like to happen and reassess the things that can happen with the tools I currently have. Not everything will get done with a neat little bow on it, things will get left unfinished, and, that’s OK. What’s most important is my mental health, and me being available to support my family, friends and to be of service where I can, not what I entered into my calendar.

Before walking the path I do today I used to try to force my will into everything I did, and, every relationship. I had an idea of how I wanted things to go or look and fought like heck to make it happen. This, not only caused tension between me and those around me, but it caused my anxiety to spike to a place where I was no longer able to function in a healthy way. Never taking responsibility for my own actions, I kept repeating the same behavior over and over always with the same results, frustration and anger. It wasn’t until I finally surrendered to a healthier way of life that I was asked to let go of my will and to let things flow the way they are meant to. Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t have a plan and work toward goals, but we should get out of the way of the results and getting stuck into the results only looking one way, the way we want it to look. When I was able to let go and accept things as they were I was able to ease my anxiety about things not being the way I wanted them. Ultimately, none of us have control of most things, we only have control over our actions and reactions, not much else. When we are able to let the let go we are able to find peace.

In this current state of ever-changing news and updates, throwing our plans and expectations into a tailspin, it’s important to remember that this is our reality currently, and perhaps for while, and to think of ourselves as surfers on the ocean riding the waves as they wash up onshore. It’s a good time, to slow down and take care of ourselves and our families and put those things on our to-do lists in perspective, allowing ourselves to focus on our physical and mental health instead of the health of our list at the end of the day. And the next time plans change, or something or someone becomes unavailable, breathe through the disappointment, slow down and go with the flow. We’re all finding a new rhythm, instead of trying to force your old one to work, look for a new healthier beat. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you find yourself stressing out as your plans change or cancel? How does that stress make you feel? Does that stress seem healthy? Does that stress help you? How do you feel when you are in your stress? During this time where our physical and mental health is of the utmost importance, it is, more than ever, important to not function from a place of stress, as best as we can. What can you do to release that stress when you feel it? What can you do to let go of your expectations when things change or don’t turn out the way you planned? We all are going to have to find new ways to learn to accept the change and uncertainty around us, and to find a way to let go and go with the flow.

S – self  L – love  A – appreciate  Y – you

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