Let’s Not Forget Who We Are

It’s easy to fall into the frenzy of the media and information we have been inundated with. It’s easy to panic, to run, to hide, to start thinking only of ourselves and our immediate family, but let’s not lose sight of the facts, of what is truly our truth today and let’s not forget who we are.

WE are resilient, we are survivors, we, if we allow ourselves to be, are heroes. In my lifetime I have seen us rise to many occasions and show the best of who we are. During great times of uncertainty, fear, threats of our security, as well as health, and it’s during those times many of us have risen above, shared our humanity, our kindness and generosity. It has been a while since I have walked into a supermarket and felt like I had to watch my back, and my buggy, and it doesn’t feel good, people rushing around the aisles grabbing things, overbuying, and looking at what others have in their hands as we walk back to our cars, this is not us at our best. When we act out of fear we have lost, and before we fall too far into the grips of fear it’s important to step back and look at our own behavior and keep ourselves in check.

As someone who lived most of her life in fear of something and as a result was riddled with anxiety, I think to who I used to be and how I would be acting right now. I probably would have paralyzed myself with fear and hiding in my home with the shades down, isolating from everyone. Today, that is not me, and today I went about my business as usual and made sure to show up, not only for myself, but for those who may need to see some normalcy and support during these times. It’s not all about us individually, there are many people who are affected by all of our actions each day, and when we hide, hoard or behave aggressively toward one another, there is fallout from that, far greater than we will ever understand.

I know so many of you SLAYERS have overcome a lot in your life, and still push forward to overcome much more each day, we can get through this without forgetting who we are and sacrificing our true selves, in fact, we can set an example of how to walk through this adversity with grace, we can choose to look out for others, to smile when we notice someone may be struggling, and, offer a hand where we can… or rather, an elbow. Trust me, when we think outside of ourselves, no matter how much fear we may be walking around with, it will immediately lower that fear when we are service to someone else.

As we navigate through these new waters of trying to greet each other in news ways, of trying to show compassion without touching each other, and trying to get our hands on some toilet paper, let’s not forget who we are at our base, what we stand for individually, and as a community, and be kind, be loving and think outside of ourselves. This, like all things, will pass, and when it does, will you be proud of who you’ve been? Something to think about in the days ahead, or even the next moment. We are more than our fear, we always have the opportunity and choice to be great. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you find yourself consumed by fear with the current world events? Is that fear real in your daily life today, or false evidence appearing real? What can you do to keep yourself grounded in out of fear? How can you be of service today, to yourself and those around you? What can you do today to find a sense of normalcy? What can you do today that you will appreciate or thank yourself later? This is an opportunity to show the best of who we are, and to take stock of who we’ve been. Moving forward, how can we be a part of the solution and not add to the problem of what we see and hear around us?

S – self  L – love  A – appreciate  Y – you

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