Looking Through Different Eyes

Before walking this path I thought I knew everything, or knew better, and often looked around with judgmental eyes at everything you were doing wrong. I used that judgment to shield myself from looking at my own life honestly, because even though my ego told me that everything that was wrong was everyone else’s fault, deep down I knew that wasn’t true. By judging those around me, believing I was smarter and better than others I was trying to cover up that emptiness I felt inside and the fear that I really wasn’t good enough. And by doing so, that thinking put blinders on my peripheral vision so I could only see what I was choosing to see.

I’ve shared this before that it’s is of the utmost importance for me to always remain teachable. It took a lot for me to finally admit that I did not know everything and that my stubbornness, ego and closed-mindedness harmed me more than anyone else ever could, so I need to keep an open mind and heart always or I shortchange myself and those around me. I cannot be of service to myself and others if I am not in a place of openness and am able to set aside what I think I know about myself and those around me, and, what the world has to offer me. I know only the limited amount of information that I have been exposed to, there is so much more out there that I’ll never know if I believe I already know it. And, thinking I already know everything in the past can kept me sick, and today could get me back to a place of sickness, because I have closed myself off to new ideas, to suggestions and to making any corrections to my behavior or character. This road for me is a lifelong journey, there is no graduation or certificate at the end, there is no end, it is about changing and growing as I am ready to and open to and continuing to improve who I am and what I am able to share with others, which is key. I believe we are all here to learn to be our best selves, but to also help others do the same. We are all in this together, and by only looking at what everyone else is doing wrong we not only stunt our own growth but we cease to be of service to those around us. When I am able to set aside my ego I am able to be of maximum service to myself and those around me. When I was living in my disease I didn’t care so much about that, in fact, I didn’t care about it at all, helping others, well, unless it resulted in something positive for me, but on this path of recovery I have learned that it is not only key to my continued journey, but it is also key for my healing and learning as I go.

We all, based on our own experiences and life lessons, have a different perspective, and that’s OK, but make sure you allow yourself to look at things from not just your own perspective but others as well, it is within that shift that you may just learn something and see the way things may actually be. It is easy for us to limit what we see based on what we want to see or what we’ve always seen, but that may not be what the truth actually is. Set aside what you think you know and leave some room to discover what else may be, that space in between may be your ticket to freedom. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you leave room to discover the truth or do you typically feel you already know it before investigating? How has making that assumption you know everything worked for you? How has it harmed you? Write down an example in your life where you discovered things weren’t as you had thought they were. What did you learn from that? Do you try to keep yourself open to more experiences like that? If not, why? How do you feel when others make assumptions about you that are wrong? It feels the same when we do it in return. Always leave some room for the possibility that you may not know everything.

S – self  L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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