Slay It Forward

I had decided to wrap up this series and the perfect post came into my inbox to complete what the series was meant to highlight, acts of kindness, and people making a difference in our lives. I am thrilled that the two women highlighted in this post are personal friends who’s kindness and hearts I know well.

Thank you to all who participated in this series and keep finding those moments in your life to spread an act of kindness, kindness is contagious, let’s spread it around.


Hi, I’m Renea and I want to tell you about 2 women and the email that showed me how inspirational they are. Jodi Zulueta and Janet Gerard both own their own jewelry making business and together they make jewelry as J2Fab Collab. I got to know them over a few months and was amazed by the number of identical qualities of both of them. They are women that give all that they can and ask for nothing in return. I had emailed Jodi and asked if she could make a “Women That Rock my World” piece but I asked that it be made as aJ2Fab Collab piece. When they read the email they were both shocked that I had asked them to make that. The reason was I didn’t know how else to say Thank You to them for not only what they did for me and the J2Chaos Crew but to thank them for everyone’s life they’re a part of. Jodi and Janet have been friends for a long time but, what happened next hit me in ways I can’t explain in words except to say there are wonderful people in the world that can handle all that life gives them and still give more of themselves by telling the world how their friendship is the strength and caring that makes them the astonishing women. If you get the chance to befriend Jodi and Janet you will be inspired to change yourselves for the better and maybe become a rockstar like I have with their friendships.

– Renea Felix

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