Slay It Forward

Less than a week after Nancy Chazen, Goldsholl’s niece, got a call from her nursing home saying Goldsholl had the virus, the nursing home called Chazen again. She had recovered.

Goldsholl has now lived through two pandemics: She was born in 1911, the eldest of four children, and was 6 when the Spanish flu pandemic struck the United States.

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How does Goldsholl feel about surviving COVID-19?

“They knew that I was a wonder,” she said of her family. “I met their expectations. I represented them in a very well way.”

Goldsholl spent most of her life in New York City, living in the apartment where she grew up. She moved to New Jersey when she needed more care, and she’s lived at the Allendale Community for Senior Living since 2010.

Goldsholl is a few months older than the 108-year-old New Mexico man who also beat the virus.

But a 113-year-old woman in Spain who recently recovered from COVID-19 has her beat by a few years.

She never married or had kids of her own, but Goldsholl loves her family, Chazen said, adding that she promised to visit her aunt after the pandemic subsides.

“She always wanted to have family parties,” Chazen said. “She thought it was important to stay in touch with the family.”

Chazen remembers Goldsholl, “a very loving aunt” to nieces and nephews, teaching her to play cards. Goldsholl would also tell her niece about TV shows she watched: “Let’s Make A Deal,” “To Tell the Truth” and “What’s My Line?” were a few favorites.

Goldsholl enjoys spending time with other residents at the nursing home, and she’s been an older sister to her neighbors since she arrived, community leaders said in a December statement celebrating her 108th birthday. The community celebrated the birthday with half a dozen balloons and a cake decorated with roses.

Goldsholl hasn’t lost her zest for life.

“She has a reputation of being an advocate,” Chazen said, adding that Goldsholl used to write letters to government officials about the issues on her mind.

She is also known to emphasize the importance of education, crediting her mother and father with encouraging her to learn.

“My mom was educated in Russia,” Goldsholl said. “She wanted very much to be knowledgeable. My father came from a very high-class background. I made the best of both [backgrounds].

She added: “I’m glad I’m where I am.”


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