Slay It Forward

“Solidarity is not an act of charity, but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same objective” – Samora Machel
Kolkata, India.
16th March:  We were having a party. 21st March: Lockdown was declared.
The outbreak of COVID-19 wreaked havoc in our lives. But as ever, the communities that are situated at the margins of society, such as the migrant workers, sex-workers and members of the transgender society find themselves experiencing this new catastrophe in all its multiplicities. However these communities are acting with resilience & solidarity across context in various ways and to aid their effort, we at Rotaract Club Of Central Calcutta donated 650kgs of rice, 160kgs lentils, 330 kgs potatoes, 190 kgs onions, 300 biscuits to Durbar Mahila Samiti (organization taking care of the sex workers and their families), Association of Transgender/Hijra in Bengal & Jorabagan Traffic Guard (taking care of 30 migrant workers).
Doing so, we tried to provide relief for 300+ families during April.
As individuals, we were not able to do anything. But as a community, as an organization, we came together and were able to make it possible. In the month of May, we distributed 250+ face visors to the traffic guards and medical staff. We donated vegetables and snacks for a month to Mulvany House (Old Age Home). And plan to do a lot more!
Alone you may feel helpless. But there is a Rotary/Rotaract Club in your city. Contact them and lend them a helping hand. Together we can make a difference.
After all, Family don’t end with blood.
#RotaryInternational #Rotaract #TeamCentralCalcutta #RID3291
[ Club handle: @rotaract_club_ central_calcutta ]
(The image is a collage of the works mentioned above. Only three of our members were able to travel around the city doing the purchases & distribution part. Others in the image are the recipients of the donation. And am not in the pics. I helped with the packaging from home. But it was the total strength of only 35 members that helped us in spreading the word, getting other clubs on-board, through crowdfunding, we did it and plan to do more)
Supernatural is more than just a show for me. It has saved me and given me a family.
Love your inspirational posts. Wish you good luck & health. Stay safe. ☺
Rtr. Shreya Saha,
Secretary (2019-20)
Rotaract Club Of Central Calcutta


Hey SLAYER! I’ve started a new series of posts called SLAY IT FORWARD. Each post is a submission from you of an act of kindness you have received or have witnessed that has inspired you. Let’s remind each other what’s important during this time and spread kindness… SLAY IT FORWARD.

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