Slay It Forward

I have to brag a little bit. My amazing daughter has been shopping for people who are unable to leave their homes and get the necessary items. She wakes up at the crack of dawn every day and shops at three or four different stores for different people. Today she did a Facebook live and 30 people were watching and she bought almost $1500 worth of items for other people. We took it home she’s separated it all organized it all and we delivered it all today. She does all of this for no fee no surcharge. I can’t tell you how very proud of her I am.

Adrienne – Los Angeles

Hey SLAYER! I’ve started a new series of posts called SLAY IT FORWARD. Each post is a submission from you of an act of kindness you have received or have witnessed that has inspired you. Let’s remind each other what’s important during this time and spread kindness… SLAY IT FORWARD.

To submit your own SLAY IT FORWARD story email me at



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