Slay It Forward

It’s good to know there are still good people in this world who make a difference. Who knows what the man faces on a daily basis. Before this virus hit I was able to help many people. I noticed a homeless lady pushing a cart thru a parking lot one morning while I was sitting in my car eating breakfast. I yelled for her and she came over I handed her $300 dollars and her face lit up. She started crying. Then, I surprised another lady going thru drive-thru. She was working the drive-thru and my total was like 7 dollars, I handed her 157 and she just looked at me. She said you gave me 157 you know that right? I said yes I know. I told her the 150 was for her. Little did I know she had just lost her child. I’ll never forget. I am just glad I was able to help someone in need. Every day my goal is to make someone smile or laugh. God bless you Carrie!

Hey SLAYER! I’m beginning a new series of posts called SLAY IT FORWARD. Each post will be a submission from you of an act of kindness you have received or have witnessed that has inspired you. Let’s remind each other what’s important during this time and spread kindness… SLAY IT FORWARD.

To submit your own SLAY IT FORWARD story email me at

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