People Are Praying For What You Have Right Now

It can be easy to forget all the good we have in our lives. The blessings. The good fortune. And, how far we’ve come from the places we’ve been. There are days when we may feel we are lost, or stuck or not where we think we should be. Or, there just may be days where we feel down and may not even know why. I was spending time with a group of women I see regularly, who’s journeys are much like mine, and as someone was sharing how far they’ve come over the past 3 years she said she reminds herself on her bad days that there is someone out there praying for what she has right now and that puts things into perspective. It’s true, no matter where we find ourselves, there is likely someone out there who wishes they had what we have right now. Even if that may just be the smallest thing, it may make a big difference to them.

Everyone’s path is a little different. We may find others with similar journeys, and we may relate to them a lot, but no one’s is exactly the same, and we tend to see our blessings and our growth last, it is usually much more obvious to those around us, especially on those dark days. But we do have a lot to be grateful for, and it’s important to find that gratitude each and every day. I know for me, that even on my worst days today, I would have given anything back then to have what I have on my worst days now, and, I’m sure even on my worst days back then, when everyday seemed like my worst day, there was still someone out there who may have prayed for what I had on those dark days then. We are typically much more blessed than we may see as many of us are wired to look for the negative in our lives, but we typically have so much more than we realize. When I speak on mental health and addictions it always reminds me how much I have to be grateful for, even though I do know, but in telling my story I remember how far I have come and it gives me perspective, it also reminds me how my story, and all of our stories, have so much value to those who may not found their path just yet. Talking to others like myself keeps me from slipping back and listening to the voices that sometimes tell me that I’m OK and don’t need to keep working on myself and can ease off a little and relax. Sharing my truth keeps me in my truth.

We all are entitled to feel how we feel, but it’s important to realize that we typically have much more going for us than we think we do on any given day, it is a matter of perspective, and an honest and humble look at where we may find ourselves each day. There are many who pray for what we may have right now, or even the place we’ve come from, because for them, even our bad is better than their good. We can let that help us in a few ways; we can let it help us find the gratitude in our daily lives and we can also use it to guide us to help others in sharing what we have to offer. Someone always has it worse than we do, and that’s not to say it’s a competition, but a reminder of what we have available to us today. Find the good in your day and let it fill you with gratitude. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you see the blessings and good in your life? Or, do you more often see or find the bad? How can you look for the good and focus on those aspects of your life? When you think about the darkest times of your life, did you pray for what you have now? Even a part of it? Do you see your growth? Do you acknowledge the changes you’ve made in your life to better yourself and the work you’ve done? If not, why not? Focus on the steps you’ve taken to get right here, focus on how far you’ve come and remind yourself that if you continue to do that same work you’ll get to where you are meant to be.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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