Super SaturSlay – Overcoming Shame

Good morning SLAYER!  This is the first Super SaturSlay post!

Saturday’s are now devoted to you! That’s right. Share how you’ve changed, challenged yourself, or overcome something in your life through STATE OF SLAY™ or the SOS community and see your story posted on! Each SaturSlay will be a new post of inspiration from you!

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Your light might light the way for someone else who may be sitting in the dark.

SHINE on! SLAY on!

Thank you to CJ for sharing with us her courage to overcome her shame around her diabetes, and for recognizing the pattern of shame in her life and how it has affected her friendships and health. This Super SLAYER inspires us to speak up when we feel we are being mistreated, to never be ashamed of who we are, or our challenges, and to surround ourselves with loving supporting people who love us just as we are. SLAY on!

CJ’s Story

“Past couple of months I decided to stop being ashamed of having diabetes. I realized that I was killing myself trying to be what I felt was normal. Eating and doing things so no one would know I’m different. Part of my over eating was due to a traumatic experience in my child hood. I lived with fear and shame from that. By continuing with that behavior I was damaging myself. I was more open about what happened in my childhood then the fact I didn’t want to be judged by having to check my glucose. I wanted to fit in. I felt like I had no control over my body. I knew I had to fix my thinking things that happened to me wasn’t my fault but my behavior had to change to fix what was my fault. I realized that I had to get rid of a few of my friends who always had a negative comment about my body my opinion etc. Carrie has taught me to reevaluate and take a step back. I tried to let them know how they were effecting my life. It was my responsibility to change. I had to empower myself and when I needed an ear Carrie and others were there. Instead of keeping everything inside when things got to much I reached out. Instead of telling myself I can’t it became how can I make this happen. I had people tell me what I couldn’t do I changed it to what I can do. I have been able to travel. I no longer have friends who were just friends for what I could give them. I am holding my head up. I don’t cry into my pillow over the way I let myself be treated. I am taking better care of myself and learning I matter take care of my health.” – CJ


5 thoughts on “Super SaturSlay – Overcoming Shame

    1. Yes, always great to see a SLAYER find acceptance and self- love, finding a group of people for support and living as their true self. A great inspiration CJ.

      Thank you for your comment Leigh Ann. SLAY on!


    2. Thank you. I am still working on myself and better educating myself on my needs. I am glad to have friends/slayer’s who continue to support and uplift me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are all in this together CJ and when we are able to share our truth, as you did, we find there are many others just like us, you are not alone.

        SLAY on!


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