SLAY & AIR Team Up For Suicide Prevention Month

I am honored to collaborate State Of Slay with Attitudes in Reverse for this Represent T-Shirt campaign for Suicide Prevention Month. As a grateful AIR Advisory Board Member and AIR Hero, I use my blog, State Of Slay, to inspire others and to help save lives, monies collected from this campaign will go to Attitudes In Reverse and their mission to educate and spread awareness about mental illness and suicide prevention. Please check out this inspirational State Of Slay – AIR Tee!
For suicide prevention awareness month- consider supporting your volunteer based non-profits that educate students about mental health to save lives. AIR volunteers have educated over 70,000 students across the Unites States. All presentations are done face-to-face, and bring awareness and hope to young adults who may be struggling.
It’s time to end the stigma about mental health, and get people talking. It was someone talking to me and sharing their story that gave me the courage to reach out for help.
Suicide Prevention T Shirt Campaign With Attitudes In Reverse carriegenzel gmail com Gmail
To buy or gift a t-shirt, tank, sweatshirt or hoodie, go to: Represent Campaign
For more information on Attitudes In Reverse go to: Attitudes In Reverse

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