Slay Talk Live Next Wednesday

Good morning SLAYER! I have a treat for you next week! I will have best-selling author Kelly Martin joining me for a special SLAY TALK LIVE and a whole hour devoted to Dealing With Anxiety.

Kelly is an incredible and successful woman who has a lot to share about her personal journey and I want to share her insights with all of you.

For those of you not familiar with Kelly… Kelly Martin lives in a possibly haunted house in a small southern town. While she’d like to say paranormal things have only happened to her at her home, it would be a lie…

She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and an international #1 best-selling author in horror, paranormal, contemporary, historical, young adult, and mysteries. All of Kelly’s books have one thing in common– imagine the real world is tilted slightly on its side. You don’t really know what’s going on, what’s missing, but there is a tilt, a hum you can barely hear, telling you that something is off.

You can find her at

Looking forward to this hour of great talk with Kelly, and all of you, next Wednesday, August 8th, at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET.

Talk later SLAYER!

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