You Are The Author Of Your Own Story

True story! You, and only you, are the author of your story, no one else gets to write your story, or tell it. You decide what your story is and how it’s going to unfold. We are not our past, or what’s happened to us, we have the power to walk tall, leave the past behind and start a new chapter, or a whole new book! Now as we were children we didn’t have a say in our own story, life rolled out in front of us without our consent most of the time, but as an adult we get to choose, we get to decide and we get to take control of our own story and choose what we want our story to be, we hold the key, our life is our story to tell.

Before stepping on this path I was always the victim. I always believed the life had it out for me, that it was out of my control and I was constantly being punished, and even if something good did happen, I thought it was really just life’s cruel little game so it could take it away from me later because I didn’t deserve it. None of that was true. Well, I made it true because I believed it. But the truth is, when I decided to get help, to live my life in acceptance, self love, and honor myself I realized that all of those blank pages in the chapters ahead were within my control and I could start telling a new story, my life wasn’t some runaway train that I was constantly trying to catch, or not get hit by, I was driving that train, and I had the power to slow it down and change tracks.

This blog has been a part of that story, and a way to combine the two, to share where I came from and how I live my life today, my current story. When I made a conscious decision to get help and do the work to heal and find a better life for myself, I changed my story, and took control of it. You also have that power, to take where you’ve come from and use that to tell the story you want to tell, one of survival, one of growth, one of love, and when you share your story you connect with other people who also have a similar story, or people who may find hope in your story and through that you find support and even more strength.

It’s also about doing the work. You, as the author, have to do the work to tell the story you want to tell, to have the life you want to live, otherwise it will be told by other people, places and things. Take ownership of your story and no one gets to tell you what your story is, or gets to tell it for you. The pen is in your hands and it only changes when you do. If you don’t like the story you’re telling right now, change it, do what you need to do so you are telling the right story, the right story for you, whatever you have to do. For me, my life depended on me changing my story, the story of my past was only going to lead me to one place, death, I had the gift of desperation to help me start a new story for myself, and once I started to believe I held the power to change my story, I got excited about it, I was no longer living as a victim, I took my power back because the power was all mine. And, it’s all yours.

When you think about your life, what you dreamed it would be, what you’re passionate about, who you’re passionate about, are you being true to your own story? Are you telling the story you want to tell? Are you the protagonist of your own story, the hero we’re all rooting for? Are you rooting for you? I certainly hope so. If not, you have some work to do SLAYER, but that’s OK, and, hopefully exciting because it’s time to start writing a new story, one you’re proud of, one your excited to share with others, and one that may unfold beyond your wildest dreams. It just may. But, you won’t know if you keep writing the same old tired story that isn’t serving you, and isn’t showing you in the best light, or your potential. Turn the page and start fresh.

Many times we don’t realize that our lives and stories are in our own hands, they are, and SLAYER, it is up to you to write the story you want to live and share with others, one that inspires you, excites you, and maybe helps someone else do the same. What do you want your story to be SLAYER? Start writing.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Does your current story reflect the story you want to tell? If not, why not? What’s stopping you from having the story of your dreams? What can you do to start writing the story you want to tell? Take action SLAYER, it’s up to you to do the work, and when you do, a new story will unfold, it’s on your hands. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you


2 thoughts on “You Are The Author Of Your Own Story

  1. I’d like to hope you know that I consider you one of the bravest people I know. Sharing your journey has helped me start to ‘be better’. 4+ decades of discounting my worth because of one person is foolish in a rational mind and an otherwise successful life but yet …

    Fitzgerald said it best – no amount of fire and freshness can compete with what a man will store in his ghostly heart.

    But I am praying every night and making progress thanks to you.

    Words do not convey my gratitude –

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    1. Time to clean out that heart of it’s ghosts, there’s something beautiful waiting for it on the other side.

      Thank you for your beautiful message John, we all walk this path together, this is were we learn to live, love, and to find the strength and courage to move forward and tell a new story, one that fits who we truly are.

      SLAY on John.


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