Special Logo For A Special Cause

I am releasing a special SLAY POWERED logo in the SLAY STORE today to benefit BWSS, Battered Women’s Support Services. This logo is a collaboration between myself and fellow SLAYERS Willeke Vis and @375cArrow . We wanted to create something that showed our strength, power, and love, something for the comic book hero or superhero in all of us, that we can share with those who may need what we have, to show them that we care and walk beside them on their journey and path, and that they, like us, do not walk alone.

All proceeds of merchandise with this logo will be donated to BWSS whose mandate is to contribute to the freedom and liberation of girls and women from violence and to empower our community through training and education programs. For over 35 years, they have been providing counselling and healing spaces for those who have experienced abuse. To help women build strength and resiliency, they work on systemic advocacy, law reform, and in-class youth engagement programs. http://www.bwss.org/

We hope to raise a lot of money for this important organization in the name of STATE OF SLAY, and send some love to those who are working to recover from an abusive situation.

To check out the SLAY POWERED merchandise in the SLAY STORE click here: SLAY POWERED Merchandise

SLAY Powered

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